U F A R and E V R A together on the way of development of Veteran rugby in Europe . . . Selections of two associations will take part at Belluno 2019 Festival

Union Francaise Ancient de Rugby (UFAR) and European Veteran Rugby Association (EVRA) decided in Paris to start with the co-operation / partnership on the field of the “development of Veteran rugby in Europe”.

UFAR had decided to “open-widen” relations/contacts with European veteran rugby clubs/teams . . . the first step will be the invitation to the teams to join one of the Regional UFAR tournaments in 2019.

Calendar of these French events will be the part of EVRA European Veteran Rugby Series as the invitation to experince the “French flair”

In Autumn 2019 U F A R Select XV Team will take part at the 5th EVRA European Festival in Belluno (September 5th – 8th) together with EUROPE Select XV of EVRA.

Europe – EVRA Select XV Team will join the first next UFAR National Tournament in France . . . the decision to “open” this traditional tournament (that started alerady in 1976) to all European teams “promises” to develop into real International European event.

EVRA Select XV will be for sure there “at the start” . . . somewhere in France

Enclosed photo shows UFAR President Alain-David Hugues (right) and

EVRA Secretary Marko Protega exchanging “sport souvenirs” at the begin of Generall Assembly last month in Paris.

Photos by the courtesy of Alain Boutaric, UFAR General Secretary and

Alain Rieu-Beillan, President UFAR Aquitaine . . .

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